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About Aspiram

Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Aspiram Financial Planning! We are delighted to introduce you to Roger Sousa, the founder and driving force behind our firm, along with the exceptional team that makes Aspiram the trusted name it is today.

Roger's journey in the world of finance began in his early teens when he worked as a newspaper boy, delivering the latest headlines to his community. This early exposure to the business world ignited his entrepreneurial spirit, leading him to set up a successful real estate business at the remarkable age of 18. Through these experiences, Roger gained valuable insights into the power of strategic planning and the importance of building strong relationships with clients.

In 2000, Roger Sousa took a significant step towards a career focused on helping individuals achieve financial success when he became an Authorized Representative. This milestone marked his dedication to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards in the financial planning industry.

In July 2014, Roger realized his long-standing dream of establishing his own office under the esteemed Bridges Financial Planning. With determination and vision, he opened his doors, accompanied by a talented team member who shared his commitment to delivering exceptional client service.


As the practice grew, Roger expanded his team to include Koreen Govender, initially as an administrative professional, and later as a progressing financial planner. This strategic addition brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the firm, enhancing our ability to provide comprehensive financial advice and support to our valued clients.

In 2021, Aspiram Financial Planning embarked on a new chapter by joining RI Advice, aligning with their esteemed network of financial professionals. This transition allowed Aspiram to further enhance our services and deliver even greater value to our clients. Aspiram Financial Planning emerged from this partnership as a testament to our commitment to empowering individuals and families to achieve their financial aspirations.

At Aspiram, we pride ourselves on our core values. Transparency is at the heart of our philosophy. We believe that trusted advice is built on clear communication and honesty. We treat our clients as family, forging long-term relationships based on trust, respect, and understanding. With a strong emphasis on excellent customer service, we strive to exceed expectations at every interaction.

Our average client tenure of 12 years is a testament to the strong bonds we form with our clients and the enduring relationships we build. We cherish the opportunity to be part of our clients' financial journeys, guiding them through life's milestones and helping them navigate the complexities of their financial lives.

We invite you to experience the Aspiram difference. Explore our website to learn more about our services, meet our team, and discover how our transparency, trusted advice, and commitment to excellent customer service can help you achieve your financial goals.

What you can expect from us

What You Can Expect From Us

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Regular Communication

We need to communicate with our clients quickly and efficiently. We are more than happy to connect with you via phone or emails or in person at the office as required. Post is still used, but not as much as the good old days. We will regularly email you newsletters and items such as legislation updates and changes in the local and global economy which may be relevant to you.

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Online Communication

You will have access to your investment portfolio 24/7 through your individual Platform providers. We will arrange for you to have access online to your investments 24/7. This will give you the ability to view your investments, access research information and print a wide range of reports whenever you choose.


Ongoing Reviews

As the saying goes ‘the one constant in life is change’. Over time there will be changes in your life, the economy, your investments, government regulations to name just a few. We need to regularly connect with you to make the most of any changes as well as ensure you stay on track financially. The importance of an ongoing review service cannot be overstated. The first Review meeting will be approximately six months after you become a client or held at least annually. Your Review can be conducted in our office or if this is not suitable a telephone or web based meeting can be arranged.


Great Administration

Looking after you requires more than your Financial Planner. We have a very friendly and highly competent administration team that looks after all the paperwork, the updating, the scheduling, the withdrawals, the investment transactions and much more. When you call or email our office, your initial contact will generally be with our Admin Team. They will know if they can assist you directly or need to involve your planner straight away. Remember, everybody is here to help you and it is always our pleasure.


How you can help us (and your friends, relatives and colleagues)

As financial advice is very timely, to ensure you receive the best service, please respond to our emails, mail and telephone calls as soon as possible. Your best interests are imperative to us, and with your full cooperation we can sort out all issues sooner rather than later. As busy as we seem, we would like to be busier. If we can assist your friends, family, colleagues or even acquaintances with financial advice, please let us know. We feel that the finest compliment we can receive at Aspiram Financial Planning is a referral from our existing clients.

why work with us

Why Work With Us 

Transparency is Trusted Advice

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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Roger Sousa

Roger Sousa

What you are passionate about doing for clients;

I am passionate about placing clients in a better position than when we first met, this is one of the most rewarding feelings I get along with delivering a sense of satisfaction on client’s faces when they have reached their ultimate goal. I do not take lightly what clients have entrusted my team and I with, their objectives, needs and goals!

What you like about financial planning;

Being able to utilise my expertise and knowledge to help clients is something special. The trust that clients place on me is a trust I do not waiver on. Financial advice is a people business. Empowering myself with the appropriate expertise and knowledge gives me a sense of helping the community.

Director and Financial Planner

Qualifications and Membership Associations.

  • Master of Financial Planning

  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning

  • Diploma Financial Services

  • FASEA – Exam Standard Certification

  • Practitioner Member of the Association of financial Planner’s (AFA)

  • Tax (Financial) Adviser

  • Top Ranked Adviser 2018 – Advisor Ratings

What you like doing in your spare time;

Do I have any spare time? Spending time with family. I like the relaxing down time feeling away from the business of visiting my extended family, my broodmares, foals and yearlings that I breed at the farm. I love watching European football. Watching the Formula 1. (I am not a rev head). Do not mind a red, with an espatada! (Portuguese style barbequed meat on a skewer).

koreen govender team profile photo

Koreen Govender

Financial Planner

Qualifications and Membership Associations.

  • Master of Financial Planning

  • Advance Diploma Financial Planning

  • Member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA)

  • FASEA – Exam Standard Certification

  • Tax (Financial) Adviser

What you are passionate about doing for clients;

I am passionate about my role for various reasons:

  • Helping people make sound financial decisions.

  • Putting them on a path they never knew existed.

  • Re-directing their future is empowering to me.

  • When I feel empowered I feel a sense of belonging and satisfaction.

  • I am very passionate about seeking positive outcomes for my clients.

What you like about financial planning;

Financial planning gives me the ability to engage, and help people develop financial goals by providing strategies tailored to their situation.

Financial Planning gives the ability to build different skill sets which are essential to a client’s financial success.

Being knowledgeable technically and being skilled with people and handling their emotions isn’t easy, but it’s so rewarding

What you like doing in your spare time;

My best times spent are at the beach with my loved ones, practicing yoga and unlocking my creativity by learning how to paint!

averylle rocio zelko team profile photo

Averylle Rocio Zelko

What you are passionate about doing for clients;

I am passionate about giving clients comfort when they ring that they are in good hands. Uncovering Services and benefits they may be entitled to such as Age Pension, Concessions etc. Being able to place Client’s mind at ease about investing and the financial markets – translating the industry in language they understand.

What you like about financial planning;

I like the abundance of expertise and knowledge that is available to help clients to navigate the financial planning maze. Financial planning can change lives. It can save lives, it can protect lives.

Assistant and Client Service Manager

What you like doing in your spare time;

Qualifications and Membership Associations.

Anything to do with food and dining! Eating, Baking, and Cooking for Family.         

  • Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Business Management – Entrepreneurship Thrust

  • Advance Diploma in Financial Planning

gaylene johnson team profile picture

What you are passionate about doing for clients;

I like to build rapport with clients which will give the clients comfort when they contact us.

What you like about financial planning;

  • I like the variety of tasks and self-learning/ improvement the role brings.

  • I like the interaction with clients & finding out about their plans for their futures

  • I like that our clients value us & the positive difference we make with their financial futures

Gaylene Johnson

Client Service Officer

Qualifications and Membership Associations.

What you like doing in your spare time;

  • Spending time with family

  • Gardening

  • Reading

  • Holidays to anywhere, but especially a new destination         

  • Certificate 2 Business Services

  • Advanced Certificate Urban Horticulture

johnny do team profile picture

Johnny Do

Client Service Officer

What you are passionate about doing for clients;

I find it rewarding to work with clients who are just starting on their financial journey. As they begin to plan for their future, I can provide them with valuable insights into financial concepts and help them navigate the complexities of financial planning. By doing so, I can allow clients to make informed decisions about their finances and build a strong foundation for their financial future.

What you like about financial planning;

Financial planning is a complex and dynamic field that requires knowledge and expertise in a wide range of financial topics. I appreciate the analytical and problem-solving aspects of financial planning, I also enjoy the fact that financial planning allows individuals to take control of their finances and work towards achieving their goals whether it be buying a home, saving for retirement or paying off debt.

Qualifications and Membership Associations.

  • Bachelor of Business

  • Major in Management

  • Sub-major in Finance

What you like doing in your spare time;

In my spare time I like to go to the gym, as this is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, improve physical fitness and boost my overall mental wellbeing. I also love to spend time with family & friends, creating memories by going to dinner together or just by enjoying each other’s company.

Financial advice is not a one-size-fits-all approach so our services are tailored to meet your objectives, needs and goals, big or small.

Together we will build journeys that will ultimately help you reach your goals, whatever that may be, putting in place a budget to pay off your car loan or home loan, building your super so that you will have sufficient money and security in your retirement or maximising Centrelink entitlements.

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